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  • I have known Imelda for many years now and on a professional basis, I find her an expert in her own rights and field. When she was in my team, she had always proven herself to be a problem solver. At the same time, as someone with good initiatives, she would constantly and persistently "disturbed" me on problematic issues that she noticed or foresaw until they got my attention and were being solved or addressed. In brief, I entrusted her to manage the Learning & Development arm of the division and she took it and flew with it. In our time together, I have also observed that Imelda worked very well with her peers and other employees. This was evident in the fact that she could often be seen engaging them and providing assistance and advice to them. It just clearly showed the level of comfort and trust between them. Hence, I would be more than happy and confident to recommend Imelda to any prospective employers. She would be well worth it, just like she has proven to be with me. 

    Joseph Chia Ex-Supervisor, HR Director of Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa (2018)
  • Imelda is a power girl. She single-handedly curated, detailed & delivered our training week including WOW Team Building. Not only she took her time in ensuring all the items were relevant, she also connected very well with our line staff. Thank you Imelda - it was an enjoyable experience & well-worth.

    Jack Widagdo Client, GM, Alia Solo & Now Alila Anqi (2016)
  • The first time I met Imelda was in 2014. This was our first experience collaborating together. As it happens, we both are really passionate about developing people and training which leads to high expectations to receive results from me and high expectations to deliver from Imelda. It is quite rare when you can find somebody who can click and understand quickly what you are talking about and collaborate with such flexibility while the training session is on going. In the past, we have done two up selling training series and this year, we are doing a leadership training series. It is very powerful, especially when you are building your company's culture. You build the individual leader to lead together by making their own standards guided by the company's vision, mission, and value. It is more than just a concept and the participants can break it down to a shown behavior that they expect from the team they are leading. It has been a blessing to meet and work together with Imelda and as she continues to strive in her profession and life, I wish her all the best and thank her for her professionalism and friendship.

    Aurelia Kang Client, HR Manager, Alila Soori Bali (2014 – 2016)
  • Imelda (Journey Training & Consultancy, Singapore) has been collaborating for about a year with Residence Maldives. Imelda has an extensive knowledge, skills and experience in Learning and Development field and able to create and deliver very good training programs even under a limited budget. Imelda is a well-travelled individual who has strong cultural adaptability. In addition, she is always a great team leader. The best thing about her is that she never looks tired or stressed and is always ready to go extra mile and deliver. She is highly customer oriented and always keeps the team motivated throughout her training classes. Imelda works with a very clear vision. During the last two training assignments (Nov’15 & March’16) with Residence Maldives, she was fully committed and dedicated to her work. Highly efficient, pro-active and humorous. I have enjoyed, both working with her as well as attending her training. Her professionalism and positive attitude will bring her lots of successes in her career. Look forward for her upcoming training sessions with us.

    Hassan Wisham Client, Residence Manager, The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro (2016)
  • I had the privilege to work with Imelda at the Lily Beach Resort and Spa where Imelda was the Chief Trainer for the new hired staff for the new resort. Her enthusiasm and passion for training impressed me tremendously. Her professionalism and a true passion to achieve results were second to none.I would certainly recommend Imelda's expertise to any organisation that would require a true professional who can really deliver.

    Adrian Iftene Client, GM Lily Beach Resort Maldives (2016)
  • Imelda had come to The Residence Maldives recently to conduct training for the team. Her training sessions conducted both inside and outside the classroom, were lively, highly engaging and informative at the same time. The course materials quoted examples of best practices of International companies as well as from her own experience in the hospitality industry. She also used a series of role-playing methods as well as games in highlighting the lesson points. Imelda's dedication to sharing her knowledge is admirable and would be someone I would highly recommend to hotels and resorts looking for a trainer with innovative teaching methods.

    Meenakshi Sundarem Client, GM of The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro (2015)
  • Imelda is a gifted instructor and principal who is leading Journey Training and Consultancy in Singapore to its very best . Because she has many years experience Hotel industry, she knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive. She is the best instructor I have ever had and I have had over a dozen. If anybody want to improve your staff in your Hotel, contact her, simply she is the best who would customize the training according to the hotel's requirement!

    Rifath Mohamed Client, Regional Director of HR, COMO Maldives (2014)
  • Imelda is a very warm and passionate trainer. Being fun and creative, she was able to engage the participants in the classroom well. She is willing to share her knowledge and extend a helping hand to those around her.

    Ng Lip Gee Ex-Superior, HR Director, Watsons Singapore (2013) (Ex Employer)
  • Imelda first conducted training for my Team at the Lily Beach Resort in Maldives in the Pre-Opening stage. Imelda then assisted me in the Team Building of my Department Heads in Sunrise, Nha Trang. From the first time I meet Imelda in Singapore, I was impressed by her flexibility, dedication, commitment and confidence in delivering training based on our needs and requirements. Having worked with some of the finest Award winning Airlines, Hotels and Fortune 500 Companies in Asia, Imelda has the knowledge and experience which not many trainers can offer. Imelda works endlessly with all her energy at times on one to one basis- to ensure that the Trainees enjoy and are proud to have received new information even if they have worked in that position for many years. I look forward working with Imelda in Europe in my position as General Manager, Spain for Petchey Leisure Resorts and Hotels. Wishing her the very best in all her endeavors.

    Rajat Chhabra COO Lily Beach Resort Maldives /GM of Sunrise Na Trang/ General Director of Flamingo Hospitality Group (2013)
  • I have worked with Imelda on several training projects in Singapore as well as in the region. Her passion and powerful influence in the classroom simply blew me away, especially in topics like customer service and Go the Extra Mile related topics. Her dedication to her students and clients are unparalleled. She is certainly an asset to any firm who engages her training and consulting services.

    Chris Chan Ex-Colleague, Coach & Founder of PPP Academy / Director of Finexis Advisory & Director of IAM Advisory (2013)
  • Imelda is one individual whom I can confidently say, who is extremely passionate and a true blue HR person, always with the best intentions and goodwill of each employee. Her genuine approach and warm smile always makes people feel at ease and assured that she is always there for them. I truly appreciate and respect her for her beliefs and dedication to the organisation she is with.

    Martin Chan Ex-Colleague, Ex Director of Accomodations for SYOGOC (2013)(Ex Colleague)
  • Imelda’s expertise in training has impact many trainees in her years of experience as trainer and facilitator. Over the years, she has been diligent in continuing to add knowledge for her trainee during her training and effectively communicating a positive learning outcome. Her understanding of service transformation is excellence and you make it real and memorable. I must say her passion and commitment in training is commendable. It is a pleasure to work with her with all our corporate clients and her practices as a trainer indeed makes a difference to organization large and small.

    Michael Cheah Client, Sales & Business Development, NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd (2013)
  • It was a great priviledge to have known Imelda when she was the Club Shangri-La Manager in Shangri-La Jakarta. She stayed focused on her target goals and everyone could just feel her energy and enthusiasm whenever she's around. She takes great ownership of her work and would go the extra miles to strive for excellence. Imelda was more than just a manager to her team members and customers; she's a friend and a sister who cares deeply about the well-being of everyone she comes in contact with. Our friendship remains strong to this day, a decade later, as we have our shared passion in people and organizational development.

    Amalia Kandou Ex- Training Manager & Ex- HR Director of Shangri-La Jakarta / Trainer for Enrich HK (2013) (Ex Colleague)
  • Imelda is a out-of-the-box creative trainer who engaged my team well and created a high-energy environment for them to learn and understand the necessary service qualities that she uniquely crafted for my organization.

    Nesh Silva Client, Ex Ops Director for NYDC & Current GM of Timezone (2013)
  • It was a great experience working with such an intelligent, smart, creative, hardworking, diligent and more importantly, a fun lady to work in the same project!

    Lay Peng Chew Ex Classmate from Masters Degree/ Chief of Staff, Gulf & National Bank of Abu Dhabi (2013)
  • Imelda is one of the most passionate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She knows the business and drives to achieve the best success for the company whilst maintaining her sense of humour and team spirit. I hope to work with her again in the near future.

    Phillip Ommen Ex Colleague in Shangr-La Jakarta as DOS & Ex client as GM of Intercontinal Jakarta. (2010) (Ex Colleague)
  • Imelda is a great trainer who facilitates her lessons well. Participants benefit from her vast experience and ability to make lessons alive and relevant to their work. Her pleasant and cheerful personality makes it easy for both students and fellow trainers to appraoch her. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and would not hesitate to help any one in need. Would recommend engaging Imelda as a lecturer/trainer for a fruitful session.

    Della SY Ng Ex-colleague SIRS/ Partner Meta Circle Pty Ltd (2010) (Ex Colleague)
  • I have engaged Imelda to conduct some oftskills projects for our corporate clients. She is very professional with process all the right attributes of a top trainer . She is creative and easy to work with and most important of all she delivers great results. 

I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a softskills trainer for their agency.

    Gary Chow Ex Colleague & Client (2009) (Ex Colleague)
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